It was the end of 2018, close to bankruptcy, no money for employees and no place to live, I moved to a farm…

to apply what I had learned in Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual by Bill Mollison. It was time to see if regenerative agriculture was for me. My parents thought I was crazy, my friends thought I was crazy. But do you know what I discovered?

I found my passion while working with nature! We first began by building a Mandala Kitchen Garden. The soil was pure sand, but by creating raised beds and using the horse manure from the property, let’s just say the results speak for themselves.

This is only after 3 months of growth.

Still with no money, for 3 months I was able to travel the world, paid for by friends. What I saw, was a planet devastated by the effects of Western Agriculture.

I didn’t ask for this, but life and the switch to permaculture began to show me another way.

3 months on the farm taught me much. With good soil, sunlight and water you can grow anything. It is also much faster to accomplish projects the more people you have. So what did I do?

EDEN Network

To change the world, it was going to require more than just me. It would require a network and that’s exactly what I set out to do. Now with over 40 places to work on, a team of people, and experts to guide us, we’re converting land over to Regenerative Agriculture practices.

Together we are stronger.

Partner Companies

Combining my other companies together, we bring the knowledge of permaculture, online sales funnels, and volunteers with Steak Club to service and educate people in living a sustainable life.

Online marketing company guaranteeing 300% Return on Ad Spend

Online butcher, bringing an international community together with good food.