5 Tips Before Choosing a Regenerative Agriculture Consultant

Finding the right regenerative agriculture consultant can make all the difference for your farm’s success. So how do you go about choosing the right person for your enterprise?

  1. Make sure there is a process and check this first. If you own or work on a farm that is in production, change should be incremental. For eg. fix your soil first, rehydrate your landscape, then animals and then trees.
  2. Every farm is different. Still, at a minimum the information gathering process should be lengthy. Weather data, soil tests, topographical maps. Every regenerative agriculture should do there homework.

  3. Yield vs. effectiveness. Beware someone who promises to increase your yield. Yield raises intensity, which in turn

  4. True professional spend as much time designing as creating spreadsheets. Planet, people and profit. Yes, regenerative agriculture takes a holistic approach, but it should still make economic sense.

  5. Look for holistic management, keyline design, and permaculture principles.

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