Adam Grows Eden helps families and farms to live sustainably.

How? Regenerative agriculture. From homesteads to farms we’re returning to farm-to-table and regenerating nature in the process..


Horses Grove

From food desert to kitchen garden that feeds 5. Find out how we went from sand to abundance.


Insightful, informative, and a pleasure to work with. Nature can teach you so much. So can Adam.

Martin Venter

Learning to slow down observe, and work with nature has been a pleasure.

Worried about your future? How will you live? How will you eat?

The COVID-19 Virus should be a wake up call. At the moment we are currently living during the sixth max extinction event. Verterbrate populations have declined by 60% on average from 1970-2014, 50% of insects have been wiped out, and the UK with 50 harvest left due to topsoil degradation.

The simple fact of the matter are these problems are man-made. We have transformed what used to be an EDEN, into a desertified landscape.

Do not DESPAIR. There is a solution. It’s called Regenerative Agriculture. We’re here to help you live a sustainable lifestyle, build a community, and grow your own paradise.

How to live a sustainable life?

Let us show you how…

Edible Gardens

From 10m2 apartment grass up to 2ha yards.

Onsite Visit & Walkaround

Observations, Q&A, 2 page prospectus delivered 1 week later


Weekdays for resource gathering, weekends for working on projects together. How about a BBQ after?