Adam Grows EDEN helps companies transition to sustainable practices.

How? Restoration Agriculture. From building design to large land holdings, we help companies prepare for a sustainable future.

Let us show you how to be environmentally sound & economically viable.

How do you benefit?

Rehydrating landscapes protects against drought & extreme weather conditions

Agroforestry & silvopasture creates a mixed field and forage system. Think 3d, not 2d, with the increase in bio-mass that comes with.

Switching to regenerative actually increases your profits. By working with nature, your bottom line improves year after year.

Why Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative Agriculture provides a solution & opportunities

The COVID-19 Virus has proven to be a wake-up call to everyone. Fragile supply chains, extreme weather conditions, reduced crop yields all mean companies must adapt to a changing “climate”.

The simple fact of the matter are these problems are man-made. Monoculture and modern methods farming have the desertified landscapes and wiped out bio-diversity. Top soil is the largest export of “developed” countries agricultural systems.

There is a solution. It’s called Regenerative Agriculture or what we at Adam Grows EDEN take one step further -> Restoration Agriculture. We’re here to help companies switch to sustainable practices, so that we may all have a sustainable future.

Costa Rican Coast


Horses Grove

From food desert to kitchen garden that feeds 5. With good soil sunlight and water you can do anything.

Our resident permaculture expert. Without sustainable farms, there is no future.

Folwark Bialych Bocianow

Folwark Białych Bocianów

A wealth of knowledge and a team to back it up. It was time to change, and Adam Grows EDEN made it possible.

How does Restoration Agriculture Work?

Let permaculture design and nature do the work for you.


Understanding the goals and challenges of each property and owner, we help save millions of dollars in reduced inputs.

Design & Prospectus

Our design team and experts layout a watercatchment and succession planting prospectus.


Project planning and implementation. Water catchment & Succession Planting

Land Management

Transitioning from an annual to perennial eco-system, we manage the site to ensure maximum effectiveness

Meet the Team

Nothing is possible without cooperation with one another. Over the past 2 years we’ve assembled the best international team that can handle any situation.


Drone Assessment & Analyst


Sustainability Reporter, Documenting


Finance & Accounting


Eco-system Designer
Super connector


Head of Projects


Crew Safety & Heavy-machine Operator


Marine Biologist, Aquaponics, Security

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative design is the sustainable integration of landscape and people, providing shelter, food, energy and other material and non-material needs.

Is it possible to scale regenerative agriculture?

The short answer is absolutely! Using agroforestry and silvopastureAdam Grows EDEN designs scalable perennial systems using Restoration Agriculture.

What is Restoration Agriculture?

Restoration Agriculture is large scale Regenerative Agriculture. While Permaculture has gotten stuck with small scale implementation, it is time to act, and begin to convert 1000’s of HA before it’s too late.

Using permaculture designkeyline design, and holistic management, we convert degraded annual crop landscapes, to perennial landscapes that will last for generations.