How do you benefit?

A mix of holistic management, keyline design & permaculture ethics ensures planet, people and profit all benefit.

Water is a farm’s no.1 asset. Using keyline design, we rehydrate landscapes, protecting against drought & extreme weather conditions

Agroforestry & Silvopasture means farming & forests can be combined. In fact the most productive systems are open savannahs.

Working with nature, regenerating topsoil & eliminating inputs, the land, people & bottom line improve year after year. 

How does it work?

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.


Understanding the holistic context of companies & property owners, we help save millions of dollars in reduced inputs.

Design & Prospectus

Using the keyline scale of permanence, our design team & experts layout a detailed plan to regenerate your land.


Once the plan has been approved by all parties, water, roads, trees and profitable enterprises are implemented.

Land Management

We find the right person to transition you from an annual to perennial farm, managing the site to ensure maximum effectiveness

Why Regenerative agriculture?

Being sustainable is not enough. Instead we must use all the tools and methodologies available to us today, to Regenerate the top soils that our society depends on.

Done right, regenerative practices are a win-win-win for all involved.

We prioritize planet, people & profit.

Let Us Show You How


Horses Grove

From a food desert to a mandala kitchen garden that feed 5 people year round. With good soil, sunlight and water you can grow anything.

“Our resident regenerative agriculture expert. Without regenerative farms there is no sustainable future.”

Folwark Białych Bocianów

A wealth of knowledge and a team to back it up. Changing to permaculture and regenerative methods, Adam Grows EDEN made it all possible.

Meet the Team

Nothing is possible without cooperation. For over 5 years we’ve assembled the best international team to handle any project.
Adam dow jastrzebski
Eco-system Designer
Super Connector


agata skrzypczyk
Regenerative Media, Journalist
Story Teller
daniel rusty
Crew Safety & Heavy-Machine Operator
Tree Hugger


Daniel wronski
Marine Biologist, Aquaponics, Int. Security

Frequently Asked Questions

What is regenerative agriculture?

Regenerative Agriculture are any farming practices which regenerate soil. We use holistic management, keyline design, & permaculture ethics to design farms that are regenerative.

Is it possible to scale regenerative agriculture?

The short answer is yes! Using Yeoman’s Scale of Permanence, each landscape tells us how to regenerate the land. In descending order this includes climate, geography, water, access, forestry, buildings, fencing, soils, economy & energy

Is regenerative agriculture profitable?

We’ve worked with private equity, land banks and big ag companies, showing that the elimination of inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, anti-biotics), and continuous improvement of soils can be profitable for everyone. 

We must work together, to convert millions of hectares of degraded land to regenerative systems where planet, people & profit all benefit.