The Basics

Permaculture (ethics) design is the sustainable integration of landscape and people, providing shelter, food, energy and other material and non-material needs.

Regenerative Agriculture is a collection of methods/techniques, that works to regenerate planet, people & profit.

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The short answer is absolutely!

Using Keyline Design, one can design & implement regenerative systems on properties of any size, ranging from 1ha to 1 million ha properties

Keyline Design is a design methodology, using climate & geography as foundational layers, to layout farms.

The advantages of keyline design are:

  • The capture & even distribution of water over landscapes
  • 1/10 the cost of permaculture to rehydrate landscapes
  • The ability to scale layouts for larger scale production

To find out more, check out the youtube playlist below:

Yes. Regenerative agriculture concentrates on rebuilding the soil which is a good first step.

Keyline Design goes a step further, ensuring water & reducing external inputs. This provides all the food, fiber, energy & medicine for a growing population.

We’ve worked with private equity fundsland banks & big ag companies, showing that the elimination of inputs (water, fertilizers, pesticides, anti-biotics), & continuous improvement of soils can be profitable for all landowners. 

About Adam Grows EDEN (AGE)

We help landowners & companies transition to Regenerative Agriculture, ensuring a profitable transition. 

An experienced, professional global team ensures we understand the complexities of each project/person using holistic management, and then work to regenerate land, profits & people.

Farm & Land Services

As entrepreneurs, a global network & a deep knowledge of regenerative agriculture, we ensure the regeneration of land, people & profits.

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The list of skills encompassed in Regenerative Agriculture and our Consultancy include:
– Homesteading
– Architecture
– Landscape Architecture
– Engineering
– Agriculture/Horticulture/Forestry
– Garden Agriculture
– Land & Animal Sciences
– Urban/Suburban/Peri-Urban Design and Planning
– Home Economics

Each project differs, as requirements/constraints dictate design. However, the process does not change--> Assessment, design, implementation & follow-up consultations.

We charge $150/hr for farm planning, with deliverables of detailed maps by layer & a bill of quantities

Implementation is on a per project basis.

Roughly 100 hours are needed for the assessment & design phases of projects, thus design costs per project should come out to roughly $15000.